August 17 Update of Boat Licencing

I contacted Marine Safety Queensland for an update on the progress of the commercial registration and the associated administration fees for our oyster punts and boats. Quoted below is the response from MSQ:

  •  Extension to July 2018:- Transition to AMSA service delivery for domestic commercial vessels will now commence on 1 July 2018 based on a decision made by state and territory ministers. This decision was made following industry consultation about the impact on owners, operators and crew of a full cost recovery model and proposed levies.
  • AMSA continues to work on a suitable funding model and will continue to consult with industry regarding future costs and service delivery. Timing of a decision on costs will likely take place in the second half of 2018 and is dependent on a funding finalization plan by the Transport Industry Council (TIC).
  • All vessel owners/operators have a General Safety Duty obligation to develop and implement a Safety Management System (SMS). Part E (Operations) of the National System for Commercial Vessels outlines the requirements AMSA expects a vessel should include in their SMS as a minimum. AMSA are currently conducting approximately 400 SMS verifications around the country to get a snapshot position on where industry is performing against the National System obligations. All participants receive a copy of their report and the intent of the initiative is to get clear statistics to drive future safety campaigns and initiatives.
  • AMSA continues to work towards refining and streamlining their business model and to reduce red tape by reviewing Marine Orders and Regulations based on industry consultation and feedback. The outcome stakeholder reports and current consultation can be found at .

BST and Woodshield to visit again

We will try to arrange a get together on Saturday Morning at Doug’s shed, it is well worth while coming along as both of these guys know their stuff and have a lot of info to share.


On the morning of Saturday 12th both I and Ash from BST will be in Brisbane.

We would love to try and catch up with the Qld oyster farmers. If you are available please let me know and pass the word on.

We will be on our way south doing a full NSW Oyster trip and then the NSW oyster conference on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of August.

Product display

Ashley from BST and Ashley from Wood Shield, will be at Doug’s shed on Saturday the 20th at 10pm. Come along if you can as it is always interesting to see the latest oyster equipment and have a chat with the guys.


Don’t forget the AGM  on the 28th of August  10 am at Doug’s shed. Phill M won’t be allowed anywhere near the BBQ so for the many of you who had reservations about attending or bringing your own lunch , rest assured that the BBQ will be ok this year.

We have invited all of the suppliers like Sepa, BST etc including a new one to me, Marcon Industries. Jack McDonald the managing director will be attending with samples of their products. Marcon claim to be Australia’s largest supplier of oyster equipment and they have a warehouse right here in Brisbane so this is a great opportunity to have a chat with Jack and examine his wares.

Ian will be giving us a talk on the new boating regs including safety gear,coxswains ticket etc etc. You will save yourself a lot of headache trying to work it all out for yourself if you come along and listen to Ian.

Even better news to you all is that this will be my last meeting as president so don’t miss this opportunity!